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Chloe 2.5 (Slim)
Glittering Silver / while multi hologram finish - Sizes 2-7 incl. Half Sizes
Price: £32.00
Alice 2.5" Flarred
Black lame strappy sandal with cros-over instep - Sizes 4-8L incl. Half Sizes
Price: £41.00
Amber 1.2"
A duo,cmbining silver PU and sparkling silver glitter. Sizes J10-5L (no half sizes)
Price: £31.00
Elena 1.5" Spanish
Silver mock-croc PU on 1 1/2 " Spanish Heel. Sizes J13-8L, incl Half Sizes
Price: £42.00
Grace 2.5" Flarred
Pewter PU on 2 1/2 flared heel - ankel strap. Sizes 3-8L incl. Half Sizes
Price: £44.00
Black lame T-Bar on 1 1/2 Spanish Heel. Sizes 2-8L incl. Half Sizes
Price: £44.00
Jasmine 2.5"
Classic Black lame design. Sizes 2-7L incl. Half Sizes
Price: £33.00
A Silver PU, low heel regulation strip sandal. Sizes J7 -7L (No half sizes)
Price: £30.00
Black Patent PU with lame inserts on 2 1/2 Heel - T-Bar. Sizes 3-8L Incl. Half Sizes
Price: £42.00
A sparkling silver glitter finish. Sizes J9-5l (No Half Sizes)
Price: £30.00
Pewter metalic PU, strappy sandal with cross-over instep. Sizes 4-8L Incl. Half Sizes
Price: £44.00
A sparklng silver and white multi hologram finish.. Sizes J7 - 5L (No Half Sizes)
Price: £32.00
An elegant duo combination of black patent and black lame. Sizes J11 - 7L. Incl. Half Sizes from 1 1/2 onwards)
Price: £32.00
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